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Can you control Truma and Alde heating?
Yes, we can control Truma iNet Ready Panels and Alde 3010 / 3020 panels, and we can even switch auxuliary heating systems, such as Webasto, on or off! 
I happen to have a composite bottle, can your system measure it?
Yes, we are one of the few systems on the market that can.
Can I control my airconditioning with your system?
We are currently working on this function.
I bought basic package and the SIM card does not work. What should I do? 
The SIM card included in the package is a part of our Premium Service. Go to Services, select your desired package, insert your number and pay for the service. Your SIM card will be activated within a few hours.
I have an older camper, what can I control? 
CaraControl can be installed in so called "Standalone Mode", where the connection to the electroblock is not required. Please consult a table of supported devices or contact us directly.