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How do I know what to buy?
Consult our configurator, which you can use to shop easier in four steps. You can find the configurator here or directly in the package of your choice in our e-shop by clicking the "configure" button.
What heating systems can you control?
CaraControl can manage Alde 3010/3020 panels, Truma iNet Ready panels or any auxiliary heating on the market.
I happen to have a composite bottle, can your system measure it?
Yes, we are one of the few systems on the market that can.
Can I control my airconditioning with your system?
You can control your airconditioning with wireless infrared sensor, which behaves like your remote. We can control Truma, Dometic and Telair aircondition units.
I bought basic/security package and the SIM card does not work. What should I do? 
The SIM card included in the package is a part of our Premium Service. Go to Services, select your desired package, insert your number and pay for the service. Your SIM card will be activated within a few hours.
I have an older camper, what can I control? 
CaraControl can be installed in so called "Standalone Mode", where the connection to the electroblock is not required. Please consult a table of supported devices or contact us directly.