CaraControl HMI control panel

CaraControl HMI control panel made of premium glossy glass comes with RGB LED backlighted capacitive controls and proximity sensor which enables touch-less quick access to the statuses of your RV. With its low operating temperature and low-power consumption it is ideal for van conversions or retrofit. Thanks to its smart and simple design it will rid you off an uncomfortable brightness, high power consumption, and software related issues of today's commonly used LCD panels. The panel mirrors the dashboard of the CaraControl App and what ever you change on this panel will appear in the App or vice versa.
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452,00 € (546,92 € with VAT )
Art.No.: CCH001
Weight: 150
Manufacturer: CaraControl
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CaraControl HMI control panel, glossy glass, capacitive controls, proximity sensor, square shape

Panel dimensions 130 x 130mm
Corners: 45° beveled

Power supply:
Input voltage 10-16VDC +/- 5% max. 50mV ripple,
Stand-by current min. 15mA@12V

Temperature range -40°C to +85°C.
Operating humidity max. 50% relative humidity