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Ultimate alarm system for your RV


Secure your RV with the Security Package and have a peace of mind.

Our smart wireless security sensors will send you a notification or launch a siren in the case of intrusion. They will also notify you when if you try driving with some windows or doors open.

The CaraControl unit checks all the time if the connection is working and let you know if the batteries go weak, so you have enough time to replace it in advance. The sensor also recognizes if somebody tries to overcome it by using a strong magnetic field.

Our Keyless-Go fob offers automatic and manual switching of security profiles and Welcome Home function turns on your awning light automatically upon your approach to the vicinity of your vehicle.  We will also let you know when you leave your RV and some of the windows are open.

In addition, if somebody tries to start your engine or pull your vehicle out, you will get push notification and tracking will start.

You can also lock and unlock your vehicle within your smartphone securely, because our electric lock driver works separately from the chassis.

If you have any alarm system, gas alarm or smoke detector already installed in your camper, you can connect it with CaraControl system as well.