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What is CaraControl?

All-in-one smart home solution for RVS

CaraControl is here to help you with connecting different appliances from different manufactures and control them on common dashboard of your smartphone, everything localy or from a distance.

There are several ways how to do so in terms of overall solution concept while CaraControl chose the most challenging one.

Our powerfull high-end automotive compact device combines low-power consumption, ultimate connectivity and almost endless universality.

With us you can control your Truma or Alde heaters, airconditions and much more. You can even replace your electroblock and its control panel by us.
With our smart device on board you will never find your leisure battery empty, because we draw only 0,6W in average.
We will let you know when any issue occrus, when your reserves are low or somebody tries to rob you, even steal your vehicle.

Everything without a need to log in into any cloud, wherever you are thanks to our patented cloud-free global connectivity via both terrestrial and satellite networks.

We in CaraControl always think as caravanist ourself and all the components we design and produce in-house. Thanks to that we deliver to the market future-proof certified products with added customer value.

Key features

  • Interconnection with existing electroblock or independent operation
  • Universal design granting compatibility with nearly all leisure vehicles
  • High quality automotive hardware based on the latest technologies
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth, GSM or NB-IoT network
  • Automatic remote updates adding new functions
  • Configuration options to satisfy your preference
  • Keyless Welcome Home function
  • Unparalleled compatibility with RV industry devices 
  • Application runs in multiple languages
  • Minimal impact on the leisure battery life


The CaraControl app is a native and user-friendly software available for iOS and Android. Allow yourself to enjoy maximum control and peace of mind wherever you are, now also in several languages. Feel free to download our app on Google Play or AppStore free of charge and try the demo mode to get the feel of our system.