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We are developers and producers of innovative telemetry and telematic systems for multiple segments, mainly focusing on automotive and marine industry.

Our story began in 2008 when we successfully installed our first FuelTrack unit into one of the construction machines to extract and process certain data, such as engine hours, fuel level and others.

FuelTrack became a commercial success and our team began expanding their ideas to other segments as well, resulting in the creation of our best-known product, CaraControl in 2016.

CaraControl is a universal smart home solution designed to fit in virtually any RV on the market. So far our market research has indicated that no such system currently exists, at least not in the form of an aftermarket solution.

This system received plenty of praise from the industry professionals, and from end-customers alike. It currently the most advanced smart home solution to be found on the world RV market.

Since yachts and vessels of up to 16 meters of length do not differ substantially in terms of electrical design, we decided to expand our portfolio to the marine market. The name of the product became MariControl.

Just like CaraControl, MariControl is a smarthome solution but more tailored to fit the boating purposes. One such tweak is, for instance, Iridium satellite communication for the unit to communicate from anywhere.

Because we also have experience with RV rentals, we started offering fleet monitoring systems, codenamed CaraControl FLEET and MariControl FLEET, granting the owners of respective vehicles more control and peace of mind.

All the abovementioned systems will be expanded and worked upon in the future, so our customers can expect improvements and additional functions.