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How do I choose the right products for my caravan or motorhome?
For a simplified purchase, we have prepared the CaraControl packages, Basic Package and Security Package, which adds security options. Try out our configurator, which will guide you through the purchase in four easy steps. You can find the configurator here or directly in the package of your choice on our website by clicking on the "Configure" button.
Can I use the CaraControl unit instead of an electroblock when building a motorhome, or even replace it?
Yes. The CaraControl unit is designed so that it does not need any additional equipment to function. All you need is an on-board battery with a charger, a 12V rechargeable relay / booster, a set of fuses (fusebox) for controlled circuits and probes for water tanks.
I did not find a suitable wiring for my type of electroblock, what should I do?
Some types of electroblocks, eg. from the manufacturer Schaudt, have the same connectors and control signals. It is therefore possible to use the wiring for a different type of electrioblock. You can find the manual for the electroblock in the documentation of your RV or it can be downloaded for Schaudt products right here. Alternatively, a universal switch can be used to switch the battery relay or the main switch of an unsupported electroblock. If you have another type of electroblock and you do not know the advice, do not hesitate to contact us via the technical support form and together we will find a suitable solution.
What do I need to measure the water level in the tanks?
Each brand of RV uses different probes to measure fresh and waste water in the tanks. They are usually delivered together with the electroblock. The CaraControl unit can be connected to existing probes, eg. by CBE and Schaudt, or it is possible to install additional probes. Both step and linear probes with a voltage output range of 0-2.5V are supported. Optional wiring is required to connect the water measurement probes. Some systems, such as CBE or Nordelettronica, already have the tank status information digitized, so the measurement is already part of the electroblock wiring.
Which appliances will I be able to control?
The CaraControl system is universally designed and can be used to control a wide range of equipment such as lights, heating, air conditioning, electroblock and more. The control always takes place via various communication interfaces, signal wires or, in the case of air conditioners, via our wireless IR transmitter, which works as the mimic of your original controller. For different configurations of RV equipment, the CaraControl unit can be connected differently and thus achieve the maximum array of controlled and monitored circuits. In some cases it is necessary to order optional wiring, preferably with the help of our configurator. What can be connected to the unit is shown in the installation diagram, which can be found right here. We are constantly expanding the list of supported devices so that it is possible to control more appliances.
I have an older caravan or motorhome, what can I control?
Older models usually have mechanical heating controls, such as the Trumatic or the newer Truma S 3004/5004, and the CaraControl unit cannot control these. However, it is possible to control the Truma Ultraheat via the Auxuliary heating output and the relay. For older Alde 3010 models, the mechanical control panel can be replaced with the 3010-613 touch panel and the heating can then be controlled. Other circuits such as lights, electric block switch and measurement of water and other quantities can be connected in the standard way according to the installation diagram.
Can I measure the level of LPG with your system?
Yes, you can buy wireless measuring pads that work on the principle of weighing. The main advantage of this method of measurement lies in its versatility, so it is possible to measure any type of casing, from steel through aluminum to plastic (composite) bottles. These pads are designed to withstand the shocks of bottles while driving, are waterproof and have very low energy consumption, the battery lasts up to 2 years, and also a high accuracy of the measurement of about 1%. The pad is equipped with a temperature and tilt sensor, which notifies of insufficient evaporation of butane in the gas mixture, or improper tilt of the bottle and thus lower measurement accuracy. The pad also monitors the filling level of your bottle several times per second and can detect a sudden gas leak or a leak in the gas system in the gas box. This method of measurement cannot be used wherever a gas cylinder is attached to the wall of a gas box and thus does not rest on a pad, typically in Alugas systems with a multi-valve filling option.
What do you offer in the field of security?
The CaraControl unit is equipped with a dedicated radio interface to which various security features can be connected, such as window and door security sensor or Keyless Go card. You can connect up to 16 wireless security sensors and up to 6 Keyless Go key fobs to the CaraControl unit. Our smart safety sensors detect tampering with a strong magnet or jamming and inform you, for example, about a discharged sensor battery or open windows and doors, when you leave or when you start the engine. The Keyless Go card can activate the safety profile when you leave, automatically switch on the awning light on your return or deactivate the internal motion sensor by pressing the integrated button for night security mode. It also detects unauthorized driving, for example when trying to steal a motorhome. The integrated tilt sensor also guards your caravan or motorhome against unauthorized towing.
Can I use already installed security?
Yes, up to 4 third-party devices can be connected, such as gas and smoke alarms, motion sensors, SOS button and more.
How does the on-board unit communicate with the mobile application?
The unit can be controlled locally via the Bluetooth interface of your smartphone, via selected Zenec naviceiver models designed for motorhomes or remotely via the terrestrial network of mobile carriers. The CaraControl system uses the most modern available technology, the so-called Narrowband or LTE-M network. Thanks to this, it is possible to ensure high availability even in places with a poor signal and low consumption of our equipment. Alternatively, the unit can be connected to today's extinct 2G / 3G networks in case the NB or LTE-M signal of the network is not yet available in the given area.
Do I have to register somewhere to communicate with the CaraControl unit?
No. Communication between your smartphone and our unit is completely anonymous, there is no need to register in the so-called cloud and the entire transmission is encrypted in a private network.
Can I use my own SIM card?
No, the SIM card for the special IoT network is already inserted in the unit and is a part of the global Premium services. Visit the Services page, select the service that suits you, enter the number of the enclosed SIM card and purchase the service. We will activate your card within a few hours.
What is the power consumption of your device?
Thanks to its automotive design and NB / M1 communication module, the consumption of the CaraControl unit is on average less than 50mA and thus allows your leisure battery with a capacity of 100Ah to power up our device for about 100 days without charging. The other components of the system are wireless and have their own batteries, so they do not discharge your leisure battery.
How complicated is the installation?
The complexity of the installation and its time always depends on the type of caravan or motorhome, the location of the appliances, installed CaraControl accessories and, if applicable, connected third-party devices. Installation time can therefore range from units to tens of hours. Although the system is designed as universally as possible and most of the wiring works on the plug & play principle, we recommend that you entrust the installation to a professional service. You can find a list of CaraControl workshops here.
Will the installation affect the warranty of my caravan or motorhome?
No. The CaraControl system does not affect the original connection of the electrical installation and is included in the so-called parasitic mode, it uses original connectors and buses designed to control appliances by the manufacturers of such devices. The installation is therefore non-invasive, but it is necessary to take into account that additional holes in the interior may be needed to lay the interconnecting wiring.
Will everything work properly if the CaraControl fails?
In the event of a unit failure, there is a fphysical power switch and a light circuit terminator that can be used to restore the installation as if the device had never been installed. Even after possible disassembly of the device and sending it to the service point, all the circuits behave as before.