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All-in-one smarthome solution for RVS

CaraControl system represents a pinnacle of the modern way of mobile living, allowing remote controlling, security and monitoring of different statuses, such as gas levels and more. 

From the very beginning, the system was designed to be as universal as possible, allowing it to be connected to third-party devices, such as heating panels or air conditioning to cover any owner of practically any leisure vehicle in question.

Additionally, users can also connect certain third-party alarm systems, such as smoke detectors, gas sensors, motion sensors and more.

The central unit is equipped with a wide array of communication ports to allow the multitude of functions available, but also to ensure that the unit stays future-proof. 

Furthermore, our hardware is capable of wireless transmission, making the connection of different environmental sensors, such as security sensors, Keyless Go cards or gas measuring pads possible. 

All information from electronic systems and sensors is then transmitted into a smartphone application for Android or iOS. Remote controlling and settings can be executed locally via Bluetooth Low Energy with minimum load on the leisure battery life or remotely via GSM or NB-IoT network.

Key features

  • Interconnection with existing electroblock or independent operation
  • Universal design granting compatibility with nearly all leisure vehicles
  • High quality automotive hardware based on the latest technologies
  • Wireless communication via ISM, Bluetooth, cellular or NB-IoT
  • Automatic remote firmware updates for all system components
  • Configuration options to satisfy your preference
  • Keyless Welcome Home function with contactless door locking
  • Unparalleled compatibility with RV industry devices 
  • Application runs in multiple languages
  • Minimal impact on the leisure battery life


The CaraControl app is a native and user-friendly software available for iOS and Android. Allow yourself to enjoy maximum control and peace of mind wherever you are, now also in several languages. Feel free to download our app on Google Play or AppStore free of charge and try the demo mode to get the feel of our system.


Interfaces Functions
2x antenna connector, 1x integrated antenna GSM communication and ISM wireless devices, Bluetooth Low Energy
1x SIM card slot user insertable SIM card
1x micro USB port service settings
2x port for external units connection with external GPS and touch-screen panel
1x port for external multimedia devices connection with naviceiver in App mirror mode
1x port for power supply control communication with Schaudt / Nordelettronica
1x port for heating / aircondition CI-BUS / TIN-BUS for Truma Combi / Aventa, communication with Alde
1x vehicle CAN-BUS connector Connection with CAN-BUS for reading the status of the central locking
1x external measurement connector probe for accurate current measurement to / from the leisure battery
2x temperature sensor connector indoor and outdoor temperature
1x power and external appliances connector power, pump, waste tank or floor heating, siren, air extractor
1x logical I/O connector car ignition, car battery voltage, solar panel, electricity presence, aux heating control, electric door locking
1x water probes connector fresh and waste water tank level scan
1x alarm inputs and lighting circuits connector entrance door intrusion, luggage door intrusion, gas alarm, smoke alarm, power switch, 5x scanning inputs of factory switches
2x lighting circuit connector 5x dimmable circuits up to 10 Amps max. and 5x dimmable circuits up to 2 Amps max.
on board 3-axes accelerometer leveling assistant, tilt alarm