CaraControl AC/DC Charger, 12V/80A

CaraControl AC/DC Charger is high-quality industrial class charger based on Infineon chipset offers up to 80A of charging current to ensure your board battery will be charged really fast. It has easily configurable battery type using DIP switches, mini circuit breaker or LED status display. You can also interconnect with CaraControl unit to control its charging power and set it eg. into a night mode to avoid its fan noise when sleeping.
881,00 € (1 066,01 € with VAT )
Art.No.: CCE011
Weight: 3600
Manufacturer: CaraControl
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365 x 225 x 87mm

Power voltage and currents:
AC Input voltage and current
230V(220V) / 5.3 - 6.4A/ 45Hz~65Hz
Charging currents
Max. 80A / 14.6V 
Continuous 68A / 14.6V

Battery types supported:
Li-Fe PO4

Normal charging temperature 15℃ to 65℃
Operating temperature -25℃ to 72℃