V3 Basic package

This package is a basic setup for your new mobile smart home with the CaraControl system, allowing you to control heating, air-condition, lights, see your RV's reserves and much more. You can easily build up on it and extend the array of its functions. The contents of the package are furthermore defined by package contents.  
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1 009,00 € (1 220,89 € with VAT )
Art.No.: CCP001
EAN: 8594193290604
Weight: 1200
Manufacturer: CaraControl
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With the Basic package and its alarm functions, you can enjoy App functions listed below. Some of them require the additional products to be purchased.


Inside temperature (only with Truma or Alde panel), Outside temperature, Ext. 230V, Solar panel, Tilt front and side, Leisure battery voltage, Car battery voltage, Gas level (optional with gas pad CCG003), Fresh water level and Waste water level (need optional wirings)


Battery switch (needs optional wiring), 2 Auxiliary outputs, 9 Interior lights with dimmer, Awning light with dimmer, Thermostat (for Truma or Alde panels), Boiler (for Truma or Alde panels), Auxiliary heater, Waste water tank heater, Air conditon (optional product CCA009), Air exchanger, Pump

Alarm functions:


Security modes (On/Night/Travel), Tilt alarm, Driver authorization function (optional with CCS001), Wireless security sensors function (optional product CCS002), Keyless Go function (optional product CCS001), Siren (optional product CCS003), Electric lock

GNSS positioning service (GPS, Galileo, Glonass and Beidou constelations)

Alarm inputs for connecting with third party alarm system such as Thitronik G.A.S.-pro or similar:

Generic alarm / Panic button, Gas sensor, Smoke sensor, Motion sensor

Notice: For remote control via our global VPN network, it is necessary to purchase the tariff plan of the prepaid service after installation in the Services section. 
You can of course control your RV localy only using Bluetooth free of charge.

CaraControl on-board unit v3

Art.No.: CCA001 On-board unit, the brain of the entire system, connects your RV appliances and external devices with the CaraControl App and allows you to control them like a smart home, locally using Bluetooth or remotely via LPWA networks. detail

Power wiring

Art.No.: CCW001 Basic wiring for connecting the CaraControl onboard unit. It includes power leads, output for waste water tank heating, output for water pump control, output for ventilator (air exchanger) and output for siren. detail

I/O wiring

Art.No.: CCW002 This wiring allows you to control auxiliary heater, 2 user defined outputs, electric lock and read the status of electric plug, solar panel and car battery voltage. detail

Alarm inputs wiring

Art.No.: CCW003 This wiring allows the connection of four separate third-party alarm devices such as Thitronik WiPro, Thitronik G.A.S.-pro or similar, according to the type of alarm. It also scans the main 12V power-on switch signal and up to 5 mechanical switches.  detail

Truma/Alde iNet cable 5m

Art.No.: CCW007 This wiring connects to your Truma or Alde 3020/3030 iNet ready panel to give you control over its basic functions. detail

Alde 3010/3020 cable 5m

Art.No.: CCW006 This wiring connects to your Alde heating 3010/3020 panel (not iNet ready) to give you control over its basic functions. detail

Lighting control wiring 6A

Art.No.: CCW005 Facilitates controlling possibilities of 5 light circuits up to 6 Amps of current per channel. One channel is reserved for awning light. detail

Temperature sensor 2m

Art.No.: CCA003 This sensor measures the outer temperature and the values are displayed in CaraControl application. detail

ISM antenna 0-90° SMA

Art.No.: CCA007 This antenna facilitates the distribution of ISM network between our accessories.   detail

Self-adhesive LPWA antenna

Art.No.: CCA006 This antenna facilitates the distribution of GSM/LPWA network.   detail

Self-adhesive GNSS antenna

Art.No.: CCA008 This antenna connected to CaraControl unit v3 allows you to request your vehicle's location and display it on the map.  detail

Global SIM card

Art.No.: CCSIM This special SIM card for IoT applications allows CaraControl unit to register within Narrowband or LTE-M networks (2G fallback) around the globe. detail